Japan Platinum 10 Sessions Skin Whitening Injection
  • Japan Platinum 10 Sessions Skin Whitening Injection

Japan Platinum 10 Sessions Skin Whitening Injection




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Brand: Japan Platinum
Form: Injection
Key Ingredients: Glutathione
Country Of Origin: Japan
Packaging Qty: 1 Box Pack
Packaging Type: Vial & Ampoule
Usage/Application: Skin Whitening
Not Suitable For: Pregnant, Lactating Women & Allergy to vitamin (any kind).

The Japan Platinum 10 Sessions Skin Lightening Injection

The Japan Platinum 10 Sessions Skin Lightening Injection is known for its high-quality, potent Glutathione skin whitening formula, widely preferred by health facilities globally. This formula helps maintain elevated levels of L-Glutathione in your body, even without undergoing specific skin treatments.

This product comprises a blend of six nutrients that complement each other. It consists of five different Ampoules and one Vial, totaling 50 ampoules and 10 vials in each package:

  • Vial 1 -

Glutathione 200mg: This component is excellent for detoxifying the body, reducing free radical damage, and enhancing liver function.

  • Ampoule 1 -

Vitamin B Group (Vitamin B2, B6, and B7): These vitamins are essential for skin whitening, improving skin brightness, preventing acne, effectively reducing freckles and scars, boosting metabolism, alleviating eczema, aiding in fat reduction, and easing menstrual pain while providing stress relief.

  • Ampoule 2 -

Vitamin H: This vitamin contributes to overall skin, hair, eye, liver, and nail health. It helps prevent hair loss, baldness, and premature graying.

  • Ampoule 3 -

Tranexamic Acid: This ingredient is highly effective for treating and eliminating freckles, being 50 times more potent than Vitamin C in this regard.

  • Ampoule 4 -

Vitamin C: It plays a vital role in achieving excellent skin whitening results.

  • Ampoule 5 -

Lipoic Acid:

This is an antioxidant that combats free radicals, reduces inflammation, and slows down the aging process.

The recommended dosage involves mixing these six nutrients with saline and administering them intravenously, with the entire process taking approximately 20-30 minutes.

Please note that this treatment is not suitable for:

  • Breastfeeding individuals.

  • Pregnant women.

  • Those with allergies to vitamins.

  • Individuals with cardiovascular problems.

In summary, the Japan Platinum Skin Whitening Glutathione Injection is a sought-after solution in the field of skin lightening and rejuvenation, known for its comprehensive blend of nutrients and the ability to maintain high levels of Glutathione in the body.


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A : Its combination of high-quality ingredients like Glutathione, Vitamins, and Tranexamic Acid, specifically tailored for effective skin whitening and health, sets it apart from other products.

A : This product is available in various spas and skin clinics worldwide. Ensure to visit a reputable clinic for consultation and treatment.

A : While it's designed for skin treatment, it's always recommended to consult a healthcare professional for personalized advice, especially for long-term use.

A : Yes, ingredients like Lipoic Acid and Vitamins in the formula have anti-aging properties, helping to reduce the aging process and improve skin appearance.

A : Vitamin C in the injection enhances skin whitening effects and contributes to overall skin health and brightness.

A : It is not suitable for breastfeeding women, pregnant women, those with allergies to vitamins, and individuals with cardiovascular problems.

A : The injection is administered by combining 6 nutrients with Saline and infused via IV, taking about 20-30 minutes for dripping.

A : Benefits include body detoxification, skin whitening and brightening, acne and freckle removal, improvement in metabolism, hair and nail health, and anti-aging properties.

A : The injection contains Glutathione, Vitamin B group (B2, B6, B7), Vitamin H, Tranexamic Acid, Vitamin C, and Lipoic Acid. These ingredients work together for detoxification, skin whitening, freckle removal, and anti-aging effects.

A : Japan Platinum Skin Whitening Glutathione Injection is a high-dose skin whitening formula used globally in spas and skin clinics. It helps maintain high levels of L-Glutathione in the body for skin treatment purposes.

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