Frequently Added Questions

Does Beauty Potions products have any side effects?

We as a Beauty Potions test all of our products for safety and efficacy and ensure that they are completely free from side effects when they are used according to the instructions on the package. The best way to take these skin care and health products is to consult with your family doctor as they can give better advise when it comes to choosing the best among many or you can also consider enquiring with our call executive too to get guidance on indications, dosages and usage of our imported products.

Is Advanced Vita Glow Whitening Cream suitable for oily skin?

Yes, Advanced Vita Glow Whitening Cream is safe for oily skin types since it contains ingredients to absorb excess oil and hydrate the skin for a matt finish. It controls excess oil secretion and reveals a smoother, softer & more glowing complexion. Additionally, Advanced Vita Glow Fairness Cream contains a non-greasy formula that cleanses dead skin and keeps your skin clear and clean.

Does Vita Glow Whitening Cream irritate the skin?

Advanced Vita Glow Whitening Cream should not cause any skin irritation for consumers. We thoroughly evaluate all our ingredients for their safety on the skin. Vita Glow Whitening Cream was dermatologically tested to ensure that it is safe for use on all skin types. No side effects are associated with it since it is 100% natural and healthy.

What are the benefits of Dr. James glutathione skin whitening pills to help me lighten my skin?

A combination of glutathione and amino acids in Dr. James glutathione skin whitening pills promotes lighter skin by inhibiting melanin production and reducing pigmentation, resulting in lighter, more even skin tone by working with your body.

Are Dr James glutathione skin whitening pills effective in treating acne, pimples, and blackheads?

With its special anti-oxidant properties, it reduces discoloration and promotes skin regeneration while flushing toxins and keeping the skin hydrated. By interacting with the skin deep beneath the surface, it interrupts and blocks the production of skin problems, providing a complete skin care solution.

Are there any health benefits to taking Dr James Skin Whitening Pills that contain glutathione? Is it really effective at whitening the skin?

A very effective whitening agent and an excellent anti-oxidant, glutathione has many benefits. In addition to cleansing the liver, glutathione removes free radicals from the brain as well. Glutathione whitens the skin by reducing melanin formation in the epidermis and dermis, giving 100 percent proven results. The James Skin Whitening Pills are also beneficial to people with heart problems, asthma, allergies, and weak immune systems. The product is suitable for people of all ages.

If i have achieved the skin tone i want, can i stop taking skin whitening pills or should i continue??

To maintain the effects permanently, one capsule per day should be taken on a daily basis.

How is Active White L Glutathione Soap suitable for sensitive skin?

Active White L Glutathione Soap is suitable for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin. A natural enzyme derived from papaya extract helps to dissolve dead cells and leaves your skin looking clean and natural. There are no side effects and it is dermatologist-recommended.

How soon should i expect to see results from Renew Glutathione Soap?

Within a couple of weeks, you should notice that your skin looks clear and healthier. Your skin should appear cleaner, radiant, and more vibrant if you are prone to acne or other skin conditions. In addition to Glutathione, the Renew Glutathione Soap contains other important anti-oxidants, anti-aging, and Skin Whitening agents that nourish, soften, and rejuvenate the skin, resulting in a lighter complexion.

With Health Tone Weight Gain Capsules, how do you gain weight?

With its organic nutrients and enzymes, Health Tone Weight Gain Capsules cleanse your internal body and remove toxins. Your body will be able to absorb nutrients more effectively this way. Taking Health Tone Weight Gain Capsules will help you gain weight as it is a nutrition. Furthermore, it contains essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healthy fibres.

What makes Health Tone Weight Gain Capsules different from other weight loss pills?

In the market, there are many solutions available for increasing weight that may directly increase your fat content, resulting in an unhealthy and unwanted increase in weight. Health Tone Weight Gain Capsules work by systematically boosting your body's mass and appetite, which increases muscle weight and strength.

Weight gain capsules by Health Tone are 100% natural and their are no side effects associated with it. A week after using it, you will be able to see results. As opposed to other capsules on the market, this one does not contain any drugs, steroids, or synthetic compounds.